Why does dizziness, shakiness, nausea happen after drinking the tea?

By Emma Chang | 26 July 2018 | 0 Comments
What is tea drunkenness?

Caffeine in tea is a central nervous stimulant, strong tea will cause: blood circulation acceleration, shortness of breath and other negative reactions. Some people would feel headache, nausea, ahypnosis, shakiness, loose focus after drunk few cups of strong tea this is because the result of the combination of caffeine and L-theanine.
What are the circumstances that people would get tea drunk easily?
  • Drinking the strong tea
If you are not often drinking teas, when drink the strong tea, you will be easily get drunkenness.  
  • Usually drink high fermented tea
If you normally drink black tea and puerh tea, when you drink non-fermented or light fermented tea such as green tea, yellow tea or white tea, you will feel drunkenness.
  • Drink tea with empty stomach
Drink tea when stomach is empty would stimulate the gastric mucosa, get drunk by tea.

When you found you got tea drunkenness, don’t be anxious, get something which contains sugar to eat as soon as you can, a few minuets later, you would feel better.  

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