The benefit of drinking raw puerh tea

By Emma Chang | 01 March 2019 | 1 Comments

Puerh tea is one of the dark teas in the previous classification. Now raw puerh tea is belong to sunning green tea. Of course, it is also closer to green tea in terms of craftsmanship. Although it will ferment afterwards, puerh tea is after all a post-fermented tea. Puerh tea is generally made from Yunnan large tea leaf, which is made into compressed tea.
The tea in its dry tea is mainly greenish green and dark green, and some of it is turned into yellow red and white bud. The bottom of the leaf is thick, and the color of the soup is yellow gold. It is relatively translucent. The taste is strong. The tea soup is fragrant and bitter, but the bitterness can return to the sweetness aftertaste.
In short, raw puerh tea is recommended because it is simple in the process, and the taste is refreshing. At the same time, there is a mellow feeling that green tea does not have, so it is recommended to drink in summer.
The efficacy of raw puerh
Puerh tea is divided into ripe puerh tea and raw puerh tea. Raw puerh tea does not need to be artificially fermented, mainly by raw puerh tea directly compressed into brick, cake, and other shapes to facilitate storage, or directly in the form of loose leaf tea.
The efficacy of raw puerh tea. Raw puerh tea can play a certain role in indigestion, sore throat, mental fatigue, fat, and thirst.
Prevent the accumulation of fat. : Raw puerh tea can burn fat by regulating the stomach and intestines.
Sour throat and thirst: Because puerh tea has not been fermented by piling, the taste of raw puerh tea is similar to that of green tea. Drinking puerh tea in the hot summer can relieve heat and thirst.
Indigestion: It is still very effective to drink raw puerh tea for indigestion. Drinking puerh tea 1 hour after a meal can help digestion in the stomach, and who don't want to be troubled by the oral cavity can drink raw puerh tea to keep the mouth fresh.
Raw puerh tea is especially popular because it has a mellow taste after a few years of fermentation, and its taste is more like oolong tea. It will take a few years to get smooth. Good quality raw puerh tea, through a long-term storage, it will become more and more mellow flavor.
June 24,2020 12:26
I got the present puerh tea but the date is 2017.05.28. Is the date expired ? Can I use it now
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