The way of drinking tea - Oolong tea

By Emma Chang | 21 February 2019 | 0 Comments
Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, mainly produced in Fujian and Guangdong. Oolong tea has both the freshness of green tea, the sweetness and mellow of black tea, and the aroma fragrance of flower tea. People in Fujian and Guangdong both like to drink oolong tea, especially in southern Fujian and Guangdong Chaoshan people who drink oolong tea. Because it takes a lot of work to brew, so it is called "gongfu tea". There are many varieties of oolong tea. The famous oolong tea products include Wuyi Rock Tea, Phoenix Dan Cong, and Tieguanyin. Different oolong tea aromas have their own characteristics. For example, Wuyi Rock tea soup has a clear orange and yellow color, the aroma is rich and last long, the taste is thick and sweet. Tieguanyin tea is elegant, such as orchid, with a strong aroma and slightly sweet honey. Other oolong tea also have their own characteristics.

There is a traditional method for brewing oolong tea: before brewing, wash the teapot, tea tray, teacup, etc. with boiling water, and continue to rinse during the brewing process to keep the tea set clean and quite warm. Then use the boiled water to brew the tea and buffer it in the edge. The tea in the pot should be tumbled when flushing. When the water just passed over the tea leaves, the tea soup need immediately pour out and use to wash the cup and rinse the pot, which was called "tea wash", that is, the surface dust of the tea was washed away. Then brew second infusion, the amount of water is about 90%. After the lid is covered, the pot is rinse with boiling water, and the water in the tea tray rises to the middle of the pot. The time of brewing tea is also very important, usually about 2 to 3 minutes.
Drinking oolong tea is also unique. First, pick up the cup, slowly move it from the nose to the mouth. Especially for Wuyi rock tea and phoenix dan cong, all have rich floral fragrance. And you will feel the bursts of tea and smell slowly. The aroma and taste are wonderful.

There are also three taboos for drinking oolong tea: First, you can't drink on an empty stomach, otherwise you will feel hungry, and even dizzy, people say it is "tea drunk." Second, you can't drink before going to bed, otherwise it will make it difficult for people to fall asleep. Third, cold oolong tea can not drink, is not good for the stomach. These three bogeys are especially important for those who drink oolong tea.
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