The way of drinking tea - Black tea

By Emma Chang | 14 February 2019 | 0 Comments
Black tea is a full fermented tea. The dry tea color is black and bright. The soup is red and clear. The taste is mellow and sweet. The black broken tea requires strong and fresh taste. After adding milk, the soup is pink and the smell is fragrant. Black tea is the most consumed tea in the world today. It can be divided into three types: black tea (loose leaf), black broken tea and black tea bag. Different black teas use different methods to make drinks. Chinese people like to drink black tea and pay attention to colour, aroma, taste and shape. Therefore, most of them drink Gongfu black tea. Westerners like to add milk, sugar, lemon, etc. to the black tea soup to drink, so most of them drink black broken tea and tea bags.
1. Brewing method of Gongfu black tea
In order to fully reflect the quality characteristics of black tea "red tea soup red leaves", most of them use porcelain teapots or gaiwan to make drinks, and the capacity is about 250-300 ml. Gongfu black tea's porcelain pot brewing method is: boil water and warm the teapot, appreciate tea, add tea, awake tea, brew tea , divide tea, serve tea, and taste tea.

2. Brewing method of black broken tea
Black broken tea is made by directly cutting, fermenting and drying the fresh tea leaves. Black broken tea is sold in foreign countries, and it is often used to add milk to make milk tea. Because the content of the substance is easily precipitated in the tea soup, it is generally only brewed once. Because the piece of the black broken tea is small, whether it is clear drink or milk tea, it is necessary to separate the tea soup from the tea dust, and it is very inconvenient to brew with a bowl or a teapot. In view of this characteristic of black broken tea, there are two methods: tea bag brewing method and tea filter brewing method.

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