What type of tea should be drinking in summer?

By Emma Chang | 19 July 2018 | 0 Comments
  1. Prevention of Heatstroke- White tea
Evidence has begun to emerge that drinking hot drinks may really help to cool you down too. With constant high temperature across, heatstroke cases occur frequently. White tea has a cold nature, which can prevent heatstroke.
  1. Refresh yourself and good for stomach - Black tea
When summer comes, many people would feel tired and sleepy. Black tea contains caffeine that can stimulate the central nervous system, increases vigilance and reduces drowsiness. It also promotes blood circulation and accelerates metabolism, thus drinking black tea can refresh brain and good for stomach.

  1. Sunscreen and radiation protection - Green tea
Its a big work to struggle on sunscreen in summer, expect sunscreen cream, drinking green tea is another idea to protect ourselves from sunshine. Green tea contains tea polyphenols that prevents the harmful damage of free radicals cause to the skin, it protects our skin from being hurt by ultra-violet rays and damage from computers radiation.

  1. Help digestion and tone down greasy food - Puer tea
In summer, our stomach is fragile, not easy to digest. Puer tea contains caffeine and flavanol that can increase gastrointestinal motility, improve food digestion. Puer tea is perfect to drink after a heavy or greasy meal,dissolving excess acidity

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