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By Emma Chang | 04 July 2018 | 0 Comments
Our tea garden is located in Pu'er city, Yunnan province, which is commended as "home of the Tea", "The origin of the tea world" and The capital of pu'er".  

We have self-owned organic tea garden and planting tea trees organically for 20 years, insisting in rigid organic planting and management since reclaimed without any chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The average elevation of the tea garden its 1300 meters, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pollution of the factory, the dustfall of the traffic thoroughfare, only companion with blue sky and the forest. We supply 5 kinds of organic tea which are white, green, yellow, black and puer. Our tea garden and products obtained EU, NOP, JAS and China organic certification continuously since 2010. The products have been exported to German, America, Japan, Russia, France and Switzerland for 6 years.
You are more than welcome to follow us for more information on Chinese tea culture, tea history, professional knowledge of tea and Tea&Health.

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