There are 3 types of tea they taste better when boiling them

By Emma Chang | 17 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Boiling tea is another tea lovers favorite, especially when the weather is cold. With several friends, a pot of aged tea. The heat is filled, the tea is fragrant.
There are two kinds of tea drinking methods: boiling tea and brewing tea.
The brewing tea has a rich taste and pleasing soup color, and it can also make people feel the change of each infusion, while boiled tea has a stable taste.

The difference between boiled tea and brewed tea
The difference between the amount of tea

Brewing tea
Generally, tea leaves can be put in 3g - 6g.

Boiling tea
The amount of tea to be boiled is reduced to 2/3 of the usual amount of brewing, and the amount of tea should not be a lot, so as to obtain the best taste.
The specific proportion can be slowly explored and adjusted according to the difference of tea and water.
The difference between taste and aroma
When brewing tea, control the amount of tea and the temperature of the water, then you would get a better taste of tea.
When boiling tea that can release more of the contents, and the taste of the tea is more abundant.

Suitable for the difference of the situation
There are many situation suitable for brewing tea.
1.Friends and family visit your house, brew a pot of tea to entertain.
2.Go out for a picnic with your family and prepare a bottle of tea.
3.In the office or at home, drinking tea while working or reading.
Probably nothing can warm our body and mind more than boiling tea in the cold winter.
When boiling tea, listening to the music. from boiling water to tea, drinking, the whole procedure is gentle, comfortable, and full of form.
3 types of teas that are good to boil

❶ White tea belongs to slight fermented tea. It is made of tender buds with delicate leaves. It is dried by sun and the pekoe color is white. White tea is not rolled during processing, so the leaves are intact and stretched after brewing, and the tea is mellow and the soup is light.

 Pu'er ripe tea belongs to post fermented tea. Because the raw materials used are relatively old and coarse, and the processing takes a long time to piling and ferment , the fragrance is rich and aged, and the tea soup is mostly red-brown.

 Black tea belongs to the full fermented tea. The processes include withering, rolling, full fermentation and drying. Drinking black tea without adding any condiments, will make the tea has its proper aroma.

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