The most expensive trees in China, insured for 14.6 million USD and with special guards.

By Emma Chang | 14 September 2018 | 0 Comments
The most expensive tree - the 360-year-old Wuyi Mountain Dahongpao tea tree
Wuyi mountain Dahongpao is one of the most famous teas in China. The 6 ancestral tea trees of Dahongpao grew up in the northeast part of Wuyi Mountain, on the steep wall of the Jiulong Nest in the west of Yongle Temple, and the "Dahongpao" stone inscription by the monk of Tianxin Temple in 1927 is still preserved on the rock wall.

These six tea trees can be said to be the most expensive trees in China. Its expensive and famous is not how peculiar and tall it is. It is so valuable because it carries cultural value. In 2003, the Wuyi Mountain Government insured with the Peoples Insurance Company of China to provide 100 million RMB of product liability insurance for the existing six (two plants for asexual reproduction) Dahongpao mother trees.
In the same year, Yang Liweis (China's first astronaut)insurance in space was also the same amount, which shows that their value can be equated with an astronaut. It can even be said that astronauts can be cultivated, and they can no longer be cultivated.

In the 1930s, the local government sent troops to guard. After the founding of New China, the relevant departments still hired a farmer to take care of them for many years. Since the success of Wuyi mountains declaration of World Natural and Cultural Heritage in 2000, the Dahongpao mother trees of Wuyi mountain are the key protection targets.

Wuyi mountain decided to implement special protection for Dahongpao mother tree from 2006: stop picking Dahongpao mother tree tea to ensure its good growth; tea professional technicians implement scientific management of Dahongpao mother tree and establish detailed management and protection files; strict protection Dahongpao's ecological environment around the tea tree.
It is for this reason that the price of these remaining Dahongpao mother tree teas has risen steadily, and the price is more precious than gold. It should be more appropriate to say that the price higher than the sky - high price. Because the tea of the existing Dahongpao mother tree is not just like the market, it can be delivered in one hand, and it can be sold immediately, but it is used for auction. In 1998, 20 grams of tea of Dahongpao's mother tree sold for USD 23,000 dollars to a businessman, which was made of In 2005, the auction price of the 20 grams Dahongpao mother tree's tea actually soared to USD 31000 dollars, which is really expensive.

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