The art of brewing Golden Yunnan - Dianhong

By Emma Chang | 09 August 2018 | 0 Comments
In the hot summer, at the cool backyard, holding a cup of wonderful dianhong tea, that is amazing. A cup of good dianhong tea, in addition to the quality of tea, but also can not be separated from a good brewer. The following will present a crimson brewing tips for everyone, remember to practice more.
  1. 1.Selection of brewing devices
There is a such sentence said by Chinese ancient people: The brewing device is the father of tea. Only when the right choice is made, the tea soup color, fragrance and taste would be fully demonstrated. At the same time, an elegant tea set also has appreciation value and artistry.
It is recommended to use white porcelain Gaiwan for brewing dianhong tea is the best, then zisha tea pot and glass tea-wares. The white porcelain Gaiwan has high material density, moderate heat transfer and heat preservation performance, clean and hygienic, and can well display the color, fragrance and taste of tea. At the same time, Gaiwan has a large air outlet, which will not cause the black tea to deteriorate due to high temperature.

  1. 2.Selection of tea amount
In order to get a good cup of tea, in addition to Zuxiang high quality tea, brewing skills are also the key, and as the first step before brewing tea, the most difficult choice is the amount of tea. If you put more,the tea soup will be thick and bitter. If you put less, it will make the tea soup light and tasteless.
It is recommended that choose the 1:20 tea-to-water ratio when brewing Zuxiang dianhong tea, which is conducive to the improvement of tea taste.

  1.  3. Selection of water
Water is the mother of tea. The quality of the water directly affects the quality of the tea soup. Therefore, tea drinkers have been paying attention to tea brewing water since ancient times.
Black tea is a full fermented tea. The quality of tea is very susceptible to water quality, so water is extremely important.
It is recommended that when brewing black tea, using water with lower mineral content, so that the black tea soup brewed out is bright, the aroma is high and lasting.

  1. 4.Selection of brewing water temperature
Black tea contains polyphenols and flavonoids, and fresh sweetness is the main taste. Then the water temperature control during brewing becomes more important.
It is recommended that starting the temperature at around 85 °C, and gradually increase the water temperature to 95 °C, avoid direct brewing with boiling water.

In the hot summer, would you like a cup of black tea to quench thirst and cool off?
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