Tea Drinking 

By Emma Chang | 01 November 2018 | 0 Comments
The history of drinking tea in China is the earliest, and it is the most interesting way to drink tea. "When guest comes, drink a cup of tea, could improve friendship; when there is a thirst, drink a cup of tea, you can moisten your throat; when you are tired, drink a cup of tea, you can relax your muscles; when you are upset, drink a cup of tea, you can calm your mind." "Treat guests with tea" and "drink tea instead of alcohol" has always been the traditional etiquette of the Chinese people.

A tea drinking custom
China is a multi-ethnic country. Because of the different geographical environments, different historical cultures and different customs of different ethnic groups, the custom of drinking tea has its own methods.
Development and spread of tea drinking customs
Tea drinking begins in China and develops, spreads throughout the world.
The discovery of ancient tea was caused by its detoxification and treatment of the human body, which attracted attention and was used as a medicinal product. The medicinal use of tea begins with the pleasure of human beings who feel the fragrance, clear breath and astringency of tea juice from the fresh leaves of the chewing. For a long time, tea leaves chewing has become a hobby of people. Therefore, in retrospecting the development and dissemination history of tea drinking customs, the chewing stage of tea should be said to be the beginning of tea.

With the evolution of human life, people gradually change the habit of chewing tea leaves, and then put the tea in a clay pot and add water to boil. This kind of tea, although bitter, has a rich taste, is intoxicating and relishing. Compared with the early chewing, the flavor and effect are better than a few. For a long time, people naturally develop the custom of cooking and drinking. This is the beginning of tea as a drink.
Drinking tea is a wonderful spiritual and material enjoyment for human beings. With the development of social civilization and tea culture, the trend of tea drinking has penetrated into life. Tea has become the national drink of the Chinese nation.
Tea, with its unique charm, has also formed an indissoluble bond with the nations of the world. The history of Chinese tea as a beverage to spread overseas has been a long time.
As early as the Han Dynasty, the trend of drinking tea in China has spread to Central Asia, West Asia and South Asia through various channels, and gradually extended and developed.

After the 16th century, the trend of drinking tea in China has aroused the strong interest of Westerners.
In the 17th century, Princess Catherine of Portugal, who was addicted to tea, married Charles II and became the first queen of drinking tea in the UK. Since then, drinking tea has swept the UK and spread to Europe, the Americas, Australia, and even the Northwest Africa and the Middle East.
So far, drinking tea has become popular around the world and has become the most affordable, healthier and most popular civilized beverage that our people have dedicated to more than 200 million people in more than 160 countries and regions in the world.

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