Tea drinking customs - Lisu people thunder sound tea

By Emma Chang | 13 November 2018 | 0 Comments
There are nearly 500,000 Lisu people, mainly living in Yunnan Province. Drinking thunder sound tea is the trend of the Lisu people.
Thunder sound tea is a kind of butter tea. First, use a large earthen jar that can boil 750ml of water, then put a piece of tea cake in a small earthen jar to roast, then add the boiling water from the large earthen jar to the small earthen jar. After 5 minutes, the tea leaves are filtered out, and then the butter is added to the tea soup and also add the walnuts, peanuts, salt or sugar which have been previously fried and smashed.

Interestingly, the Lisu people will eventually burn the cobblestones with fire and put them in the butter bucket filled with tea soup to raise the temperature of the tea soup so that the butter can be melted. Because the cobblestones are put into the barrel and the sound that comes out is like thunder, so the tea is called thunder sound tea. After the sound is over, use a wooden pole to stir up and down in the barrel, so that the butter is fully dissolved in the tea soup, and then it will be ready to drink.

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