Tea Cake to the transition of loose leaf tea in Song and Yuan Dynasty

By Emma Chang | 18 October 2018 | 0 Comments
Another characteristic of the development of tea production in the Song and Yuan Dynasty is that the tea production in this period has changed from a tea cake to a loose leaf tea. In the Tang Dynasty, the production of tea cake was dominant, and there was little production of loose leaf tea. However, in the middle of the Northern Song Dynasty, in order to meet the needs of the society, the production of loose leaf tea has gradually become the main production mode of tea production (the price of loose tea is low, the cooking is convenient, and the tea taste is strong).
(tea cake in song dynasty)
The Song and Yuan Dynasties changed from the traditional production of tea cakes in the past to the production of loose leaf tea. This can also be proved from the contents of tea books and related agricultural books in China, such as "Wang Zhen agricultural Book". In a class of agricultural books, it is about making tea. It mainly introduces steamed tea, oolong tea and tea powder, and rarely introduces or does not mention the method of processing tea cake. It is very obvious that the introduction of the tea making process in tea books or agricultural books is, to a certain extent, a reflection of social tea production at that time.
The restructuring of Chinese tea production in the Song and Yuan Dynasties is the inevitable result of the regular development of tea and tea culture in China. This change in tea cakes and loose leaf tea is not a new and old alternative relationship, but a relationship between the two parallel components. The development of loose leaf tea and tea cakes is technically non-contradictory, and there is also a relationship that complements and promotes each other. Therefore, the reform of Song and Yuan Dynasty tea production is a natural development that complies with the needs of most tea consumers to simplify tea production and reduce cooking and drinking procedures.

The Song Dynasty is basically in the stage of turning or transitioning from the tea cake to the loose tea in China. This change, from the phenomenon, seems to be only a tea-making process and a reform of tea production, but actually involves many aspects of tea culture. The ancient Chinese traditional tea-making techniques and cooking habits are through the Song and Yuan teas. Reformed, transferred to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, to the road of modern development.
In addition, the rise of tea house culture is also a feature of Song and Yuan tea.

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