Tea brewing method

By Emma Chang | 08 January 2019 | 0 Comments
For the brewing of tea, it is necessary to prepare tea sets, tea and water, and drink it after brew by boiling water. However, it is not easy to brew the tea's inherent color, aroma and taste. There are many varieties of tea trees in China and different processing methods, so there are different types and grades of tea. Since ancient times, different tea brewing methods have been different. The brewing methods of tea in the past generations mainly include the following:
  1. 1.Method of boiling tea: directly boiling the tea in the kettle is the most common method of drinking tea before the Tang Dynasty. The process is generally that the tea cake is first crushed for use and then begins to boil water. In a selection of good quality water, put it in a kettle and boil it on charcoal fire,then add tea into water.
  1. 2.Whisk method: Beginning in the Song Dynasty, fighting tea and tea people use it when they drink.
  1. 3.Mao cha method: Add dry fruit and nuts in the tea, directly brewed in boiled water, drink tea,  eat fruit and nuts.
  1. 4.Flower tea method: created in the Ming Dynasty. Put plum, osmanthus, jasmine and other flowers directly into the bowl with the tea, pour boiling water, you can smell the flowers and the aroma of tea.
  1. 5.Tea steeping method: Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, this method has been widely used and is naturally known. However, the method of brewing tea in different parts of China is also very different. Because of the variety of modern teas, black tea, green tea, and flower tea all have different brewing methods. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to make tea tastes, to show its color, and to smell its fragrance.

The trend of contemporary life is constantly changing, and the method of drinking tea should become more and more reasonable. The ancient tea drinking method is not easy to popularize, but it is a very good adjustment to the life of the modern industrial society.
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