Scented tea and Blending flower tea

By Emma Chang | 29 November 2018 | 0 Comments
Scented tea, also known as fragrant tea in China and belongs to the category of reprocessed tea. Chinese scented tea production has a long history. According to historical records, when the tea was brewed in the Tang Dynasty, it was added onion, ginger, jujube and orange peel. This method of drinking tea can be said to be the prototype of scented tea production. But the real beginning of the production of scented tea was in the Song Dynasty.
Scented tea is made from the high molecular weight palmitic acid and terpene compounds contained in tea. It is made from tea leaves and flowers, commonly known as scented tea. There are many varieties of scented tea, which are named after flower, such as jasmine tea made from jasmine. In addition, there are grapefruit tea, rose tea, osmanthus tea, chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea and so on. Among the various scented teas, the largest production is jasmine tea. The tea leaves of scented tea usually use green tea, and a small amount of black tea and oolong tea.

After the tea has been scented, the flower that has lost its floral fragrance has to be screened and removed, especially the high-grade flower tea. It is rare to see the presence of dried flowers in the finished scented tea. Only in some low grade scented teas, sometimes for the purpose of color enhancement, artificially mixed with a little dried flowers, it is not conducive to improving the aroma of the scented tea. Also there is only some dried flowers in the low grade tea. In fact, there is no qualitative change in the quality of this tea. It is just like scented teas. In order to distinguish it from scented tea, it is usually called blending flower tea.

It is not difficult to distinguish between scented tea and blending flower tea. It is not necessary to use instrumental testing. People only need to hold a cup of tea with both hands and smell it. Anyone who has a strong floral fragrance is a scented tea. Otherwise it is blending flower tea.

(scented tea)

Because the scented tea has both the refreshing and rich taste of the tea, it also has the pure and clear atmosphere of the flowers. When evaluating the pros and cons of the scented tea, the aroma is of course the main quality factor of it. Where the aroma of the scented tea reaches “rich, fresh, clear and pure”, it is an authentic top grade. Generally speaking, the first infusion, the flowers are fragrant, this is the result of the aroma of the jacquard on the surface of the tea, the second and third infusion, can still smell different degrees of floral, is the result of silk flowers. All of this can't be achieved in the blending flower tea, and at most it can only smell some low fragrance of flowers when the first infusion.

(blending flower tea)
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