Remember these 5 tips to brew your tea better

By Emma Chang | 23 August 2018 | 0 Comments
Don't know if everyone pays attention when tea is tasted. The same tea, the taste is different by people who brews it. From preparing tea, boiling water, to brewing, every step may affect tea taste.
As the saying goes: "The details determine success or failure". Tea is technical and more delicate.
01 Put in tea

Nowadays, many people are doing things simply, especially when making tea, people will omit a lot of details.
Many people take the tea directly by hand for  convenience. However, when tea is given to customers, tea can be taken from tea cans and tea bags, including the whole process of making tea. For the same reason, it is not possible to touch the inner wall of the tea set with your hands. The sweat, oil, stains, etc. on your hands can affect the taste of tea, even if you wash your hands. Developing good habits is not only clean and hygienic, but also a respect for the guests.
02 Warm the Cup and tea pot

Warm cup and tea pot is an important step before brewing tea. "Warm cup and tea pot" as the name suggests, in addition to cleaning tea sets, warm cups are also a prerequisite for brewing tea better. When brewing any kind of tea, you need to warm all the utensils with boiling water. If you directly pour the tea into a cup that has not been warmed, the temperature of the water will drop rapidly, which will affect the taste of the tea. In addition, use the first infusion to wash the tea and then warm the tea set again, the tea taste will be more pure!
03 Water cannot be boiled repeatedly

Some people use a kettle to boil water, and boiled too much at a time, then for next infusion,  the temperature is not high enough, so continue to reheat, in fact, this repeated boiling is not good for water quality. The oxygen content in the water is too low, and the taste of the tea is not good as well.
04 Water temperature is the key

Water temperature is the key to brewing tea. For example: brewing green tea with water above 90 °C, the nutrition of the tea soup will be reduced and it will easily burn the tea; the black tea will be brewed with water at 85 ° C to 90 ° C to maintain the sweetest taste, too high to easily burn the tea.
Speaking of Pu'er tea alone, different Pu'er brewing water temperature is different. Like the rich and mellow ancient tea, it should be brewed with boiling water to make its tea fragrance fully released. The brewing tea has higher water temperature requirements before and after boiling water. Also need "leaching pot" to keep the temperature of the pot does not drop, so that the tea soup brewed is strong and the soup is thick; while the special Pu'er tea, such as the single-bud tea, can be brewed at a temperature of 90°C to 95°C. It can be said that each type of tea has the temperature that is most suitable for it.

05 Steeping time is important

The effect of steeping time on tea soup is unquestionable, but many details are often overlooked. The brewing time depends on the tea. For example, brewing black tea and green tea, because the first infusion is just waking up the tea, after the tea leaves are infiltrated by the first infusion, the deposition rate of the second infusion is faster than the first time, so it is necessary to shorten the time.
In addition, when the tea cake is pressed tightly, it is not easy to wake up the tea completely, so it is necessary to extend the brewing time appropriately.
● ● ●
Brewing tea is simple, as simple as a tea pot, a pack of tea; brewing tea is also difficult, because it needs to be composed of a lot of detailed movements, if one step is not rigorous, the taste will be greatly reduced. However, as long as we are careful, the level of tea brewing will gradually increase!

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