Puer Simao Organic Tea Industry Alliance - part 2

By Emma Chang | 13 September 2018 | 0 Comments
The function of the Puer Simao Organic Tea Industry Alliance
The overall positioning of the industry alliance is: comprehensive, three-dimensional, long-term service of large, medium and small planting enterprises or cooperatives in the tea industry.

Specifically include:
Technical services: providing unified tea garden management technical counseling, tea garden special organic fertilizer, tea garden plant protection products.
Market services: promoting the company with a unified image and brand, and actively connect and introduce customers to alliance members.
Interest mechanism: building a trading platform, and develop a platform sharing, resource sharing, benefit sharing and risk sharing mechanism.

Puer Simao Organic Tea Industry Alliance logo
The elephant symbolizes Puer unique natural and ecological conditions, which are the resource base for the development of the organic tea industry.
The elephant is caring the tea leaf symbolizes that the development of Puer organic tea industry and ecological nature protection complement each other and are indispensable.
The overall green tone represents the initial development of Puer in the green economy, echoing that “Green Mountain is a treasure”.

Requirements for joining the Puer Simao Organic Tea Industry Alliance
Tea production or processing enterprises in Yunnan Province
Acknowledgement of the Constitution of the Puer Simao Organic Tea Industry Alliance
Obtained the "Geographical Marking Products - Pu'er Tea" certification
Obtained GB/T19630 "Organic Products" certification

this pic is Zuxiang organic tea garden taken by China Vision
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