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By Emma Chang | 29 December 2018 | 1 Comments
Bamboo and wood tea set: It is made of bamboo or wood. It adopts the techniques of carving, hoeing and cutting to make bamboo wood into tea set. Those who use bamboo are called bamboo tea sets, most of which are utensils, such as bamboo clips, bamboo scoops, tea boxes, tea sieves, bamboo stoves, etc.; wooden tea sets are used as wooden utensils, and more are used as containers, such as bowls. The bamboo and wood tea set is light and practical, easy to take and make, the products are mostly used by ordinary people. Those who have been finely sculpted also enter the household of the nobles. Most of its products come from the hometown of bamboo and wood, and are used throughout China. Bamboo and wood are the objects of heaven and earth, and they are used freely. Therefore, bamboo and wood tools have existed since ancient times. Due to historical and natural factors, ancient bamboo and wood tools are not easy to preserve, so there are very few left from ancient times. It is generally believed that bamboo and wood tea sets are formed in the middle Tang Dynasty, and more than 10 kinds of bamboo and wood tea sets are contained in Lu Yu's "Tea Classics". In the Song Dynasty, it was developed and used to store tea in wooden boxes

(wooden tea set)

(bamboo tea set)

Fruit shell tea set: The tea set made of fruit shell is mainly made of crafts and carvings, and the hard shells such as gourd and coconut are processed into tea sets by hand. Most of them are utensils, such as water scoops, tea boxes, etc. The water scoop is mainly produced in the northern China, and the coconut shell tea set is mainly produced in Hainan. Although the shell tea set is not that much, it has a long period of formation. It has been used in the Tang Dynasty with the gourd system. The coconut shell tea set is mainly handicrafts, with a dark shape, carved landscapes or calligraphy, and lined with tin can store tea.

Plastic tea set: a modern tea set made of food grade plastic, whose main components are polymer compounds and ingredients such as resin. Plastic tea sets are colorful, various in form, light in weight and resistant to corrosion. However, using it to make tea often produces water suffocation, which affects tea quality. There are not many types of plastic tea sets, most of which are kettles and cups, especially children's appliances.
Gracilyn Scott
May 30,2022 08:33
i am interested in adult plastic tea cups
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