Make a cup of tea for a lonely heart

By Emma Chang | 21 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Loneliness is a sad puppy. When it comes, don't leave it alone, play with it, try to make it happy.
For human beings, there will be loneliness. The feeling of loneliness is like a thousand ants in your heart, running wildly. It is like blowing a balloon in your chest, blocking your atrium, blocking your trachea, and making you helpless when you suffocate.
Whenever people is lonely, they don’t like to talk, alone in a corner, letting the taste of loneliness spread out from heart. Like a clear spring water, it doesn’t tirelessly rush out.
Don't listen to love songs when you are lonely, this will make your mood even lower. Lonely people, is like children who fall into the lake, are losing strength little by little, sinking down bit by bit, and those love songs with inexplicable sadness are the water ghosts that drag you into the water, let you fall deeper.

When you are lonely, why not make a cup of tea for yourself, let the warm and mellow tea soften your loneliness, the sweet tea, go down your throat all the way, straight to your stomach, let the warm temperature go from the stomach to the outside spread, and warm up your whole body.
Waiting for loneliness to be slowly dispelled by the temperature of the tea, then pick up the mobile, call a friend who hasn't contacted for a long time, make a phone call, and tell him/her about the recent depression and feelings of incitement. Whether he/she understands or doesn't understand, as long as he/she listens carefully, it will turn sorrow into happiness.
Loneliness is a lost child. When he comes, don't snubbed him, give him a big hug, a sweet kiss, and accompany him to find loved ones, to help him regain happiness.

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