How to choose Pu'er tea?

By Emma Chang | 10 August 2018 | 0 Comments
The Pu'er tea tree variety is rare, the production process of puerh tea is unique, pu-erh tea is natural fermented. Puerh tea that is aged for a longer period of time is supposed to taste better, and the beauty effect is surprising. Do you know how to choose pu'er tea?
  1. 1. Some people buy puerh tea only according to the year, but the core purpose of drinking tea is to drink and to be healthy. Therefore, the first principle of purchasing pu’er tea is that the tea should be clean, hygienic, no odor, also the pesticide and fertilizer content should not exceed the standard or drink the organic pu’er.
  2. 2. Many tea drinkers think that the pu'er tea the longer it’s stored, the more flavorful it will taste, but everything has two sides. If the aged pu'er tea didn’t store in the right way, or the tea quality is not good, although it has been stored for many years, it is still not a good tea. Therefore, when purchasing, aged pu’er tea is not always the best choice.
  3. 3. Pay attention to the packaging. When purchasing pu'er tea, some people will be deceived by packaging, some low quality tea has the finest packaging. Therefore, not only have knowledge of pu'er tea, but must not just believe in these gorgeous appearances.
  4. 4. Musty and aged scent are not the same. Because the aging of pu'er tea is continuously. Pu’er tea is liable to mildew, when the tea shops are not stored tea properly. However, in order to chase profits, the tea shops may lie about the quality of the tea and lied that the tea is musty because of aged scent. You need to be careful to discern. If it is a good tea, it only has aroma, aged scent and earthy smell, but there is no trace of musty.
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