Elements of tea brewing skills

By Emma Chang | 11 January 2019 | 0 Comments

The artistic conception of tea is the theme, concept, atmosphere and environment to be expressed in the tea-brewing activities of the “Art Tea” stage. The design of the artistic conception of the tea mainly includes the selection of the tea set, the arrangement of the tea drinking environment, the arrangement of the tea banquet, and the configuration of the background music. It is an auxiliary element of tea brewing and tea performances, but it is important to highlight the theme of tea brewing, to promote the spirit of tea ceremony and to create an atmosphere of tea performance.

In the tea art performance, the specific tea leaves and the environment layout of specific occasions should have different artistic conception. It is necessary to consider and design the artistic conception from the aspects of the overall environment, the costumes of tea artists, the arrangement of tea sets and the choice of graphic vocal music. The connotation of elements and their mutual coordination. Chinese tea art generally pays attention to quiet, eager to return to nature. In the bamboo forest of nature, by the side of the stream, and at the edge of the lotus pond, it is a good place to be. However, in modern life, how to find the natural environment that the ancients pursued? The pollution of the environment and the shackles of traffic often make us give up the pursuit of the outdoor environment. Therefore, many times, people are more concerned about the indoor quality tea drinking environment. The interior is also required to be clean , quiet and elegant. In fact, it is the environmental reconstruction required by the ancients for the natural environment.

Regarding the design and layout of the indoor environment of tea, the style and theme should be different depending on the tea of the brewed beverage. The brewing of green teas should highlight the artistic conception of elegance, tranquility, nature and vitality. Oolong tea's brewing should focus on the theme of creating a cheerful, lively, energetic and full of vitality. The brewing mood of black tea should reflect the theme of artistic conception such as warm, firm, majestic and indomitable power. The tea background of the Puerh tea should highlight the theme of maturity, stability, kindness and harmony.

In the arrangement of tea banquet, you can fully imagine and innovate. Some backgrounds and props other than tea sets are placed on the tea table, such as tea snacks and flowers. To create an elegant mood, it is often decorated with famous calligraphy and painting, stone antiques, flower bonsai and so on. All kinds of arrangements should be based on tea. It not only sets off the mood of the selected tea and the theme of the tea, but also uses the program and skill of making tea as the main line. All kinds of play will eventually return to the spirit of the tea ceremony. .

Background music can create an artistic conception, and it is also the most reassuring. Chinese classical music helps tea people to get rid of the troubles. The following three types of music are best selected during the tea art process:

1. Chinese classical music. These famous songs have long-lasting flavors, such as "Spring River Flower Moonlight Night", "Cai yun zhui yue", "Sai Shang Qu", "Pinghu Qiuyue" and so on.
2. The meticulously recorded sounds of nature, such as the spring waterfall, the stream, the rain, the bamboo forest, the autumn insects, etc. are all beautiful music, which begins with the mood Play on the tea art.
3. Music written by modern composers for tea drinking, such as "xian qing ting cha", "Osmanthus Longjing", etc. Listening to these music can make the tea drinker's heart linger in the innocent world of tea, which is suitable for a more casual way of drinking tea.
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