Drink tea according to your body constitution

By Emma Chang | 19 July 2018 | 0 Comments

One table to tell teas nature
Types of tea Fermentation degree Nature of tea
Green tea Non-fermented Cold
Puerh raw tea Non-fermented Cold
Yellow tea Slightly fermented Cold
White tea Lightly fermented Cool
Black tea Full fermented Warm
Pureh ripe tea Full fermented Warm

Whats your body constitution? What type of tea is good for your health?
Constitution Description Type of tea
constitution of yin-yang harmony Ruddy and energetic All type of tea
constitution of qi asthenia Catch cold, get tired and sweat easily Black tea, Puerh ripe tea
constitution of yang asthenia Cold hands and feet, often feel cold Black tea, Puerh ripe tea
constitution of yin asthenia Hot hands and feet, impetuous disposition Green tea, puerh raw tea, white tea, yellow tea
allergic constitution Prone to asthma, allergies, skin congestion as soon as the skin is scratched Black tea, Puerh ripe tea
constitution of qi stagnation Easy to be nervous, anxious, insomnia, depression Green tea, puerh raw tea, yellow tea, white tea
constitution of blood stasis Dark complexion and rough skin, bruising and gums bleeding easily Black tea, puerh ripe tea
constitution of phlegm-dampness Overweight, greasy face, heavy tongue coating Puerh ripe tea
constitution of damp-heat Oily face, prone to acne, bad breath Green tea, white tea, puerth raw tea, yellow tea

No matter what kind of tea you drink, drinking at the right time and the right tea would get the best results and have a positive effect on health.
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