Development of the tea industry in Song Dynasty

By Emma Chang | 16 October 2018 | 0 Comments
From the perspective of historical climate, the Tang Dynasty was the most favorable period for the development of the tea industry in ancient China, and the natural conditions of the Song Dynasty were much more severe than those of the Tang Dynasty. According to research, the average annual temperature in the Tang Dynasty was 2-3 °C higher than that in the Song Dynasty. Although the weather turned cold in the Song Dynasty, the tea industry, like other social production or historical things, usually does not deteriorate. The development of the Song Dynasty tea industry is prominently reflected in the rise of Fujian tea, the transformation of tea production and the popularity of urban tea houses. Among these three, the transformation of tea production, from the traditional compaction of tea, to the production of loose tea, has a profound impact on the development of China's later tea industry.
The focus of the tea industry moves southeast

The development of the tea industry in the Song Dynasty was highlighted by the rise of tea in Fujian and Lingnan. In the Song Dynasty, due to the colder climate, the southern Fujian-Guangdong tea has sprung up and became the most famous area for tea production in the country. Therefore, Ouyang Xiu has the verse of “Jian’an is three thousand miles away, in capital city can taste new tea on march”, which made the establishment of tea famous throughout the country, and the development of its production and the excellence of tea-making technology began to affect the whole country. Jian'an is undoubtedly the tea-making center in Fujian, is well known throughout the country. The level of consumption has also expanded from royal family to civilian.
The important position of Song Dynasty Jian'an in the national tea production technology can also be reflected from the tea book. Tea books are a concentrated reflection of tea technology and culture. According to statistics, from the existing literature, there are 25 kinds of tea books in the Song Dynasty, of which there are 14 kinds of tea books belonging to Jian'an locality. It is not difficult to see Jian'an's tea production technology at that time. The outstanding position enjoyed.

Since the early years of the Song Dynasty, the tea industry in southern China has developed more rapidly than in the north due to the warming of the climate. The development of the tea industry in the southern part of China in the Song Dynasty can also be confirmed by the tea production related to the tea industry. The Song Dynasty style is Tea Fight( tea taste comparing). The most fashionable 'rabbit fur' teacup is the most famous in Jianzhou and Jizhou. Only when it is good at tea, can it be "vulgar and elegant" and pay attention to tea sets. From this, we can also see the development of the tea industry in southern China.

(rabbit fur tea cup)
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