5 steps that how we process Honey Fairyland.

By Emma Chang | 20 July 2018 | 0 Comments
  • Plucking
Our Yellow Honey Fairyland tea is made from fresh tea leaves. The aroma of yellow teas made in spring will do better than other seasons, due to richness in nutrition, however the shape of ones made in rainy seasons , such as Summer and Autumn are better due to sufficient water condition in tea leaves.

  • Withering
Then, the fresh leaves are put into groove, which is equipped vent holes in the bottom, and cold air from the machine underneath blows up, which removes moisture in tea leaves, teas color is becoming yellow than before, withering takes about 6-16 hours depending on the differences in teas tenderness and the weather when plucked.

  • Twisting
We use machine like this below to finish twisting, it takes about 40-50mins to repeat such rotary move, it directly determine the shape and tightness of Honey Fairyland, the heat produces by machines rub will promote the light-fermentation of the tea, therefore twisting laid the good foundation for next critical step- Menhuang

  • Menhuang
Menhuang is an Chinese item, you could also call it heaping for yellowing, it is unique way to produce yellow tea, which made is different from other kinds of tea. Within this procedure, enable the yellow tea has a feature of yellow soup and yellow leaves.
  • Drying
Drying with heat machine at 100℃ about 2 hours, and then within the final ten minutes, raise the temperature to 150  to roast the yellow tea, this short procedures a increase dramatically the aroma of yellow tea, its the important reason for its special aroma, very pleasant and charming, full of flower fragrance.

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