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honey fairyland 1st grade

Item No.: OYY101
Ingredients: Yellow tea

Leaf grade: One bud & one leaf

Annual output: 10 tons

Loose leaf tea: organic yellow tea honey fairyland wholesale

It is yellow tea direct from China. The name ‘yellow’ tea refers to the unique processing and the lovely, bright golden infusion color. Unlike any other tea, at first sip it evokes the exquisite pleasure of everyday luxuries. Captivating high floral notes mingle with a smooth honeyed body and a subtle creamy, buttery finish. A perfectly balanced tea curated just for you.

Secret sweet aroma

Soup Color:
Bright yellow

High floral top note with smooth, mellow body with a subtle buttery finish.

Nanping Town, Simao District, Puer City, Yunnan 

It's got this great smooth taste, which is not bitter in the slightest, and you really could notice the buttery finish. The best part is you don't need to add anything to this tea to make it delicious: it already is perfect with no sugar added, even for someone who LOVES to add sweetener to things! It's flavor is nice enough to where you just couldn't justify changing it by adding sugar or honey.



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