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Pure Land like Gods gift for tea planting

We strictly adhere to the organic standard during the tea growing process. However, some passive pollution is inevitable. No Fertilizer, no pesticides, but the dust in the atmosphere, the car's exhaust and industrial pollution will inevitably spread to many tea gardens!



Zu Xiang Organic Tea Garden is located in the Wuliang mountain beside the Lancang River, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pollution of the factory, the dustfall of the traffic thoroughfare, only companion with blue sky and the forest.


Do not use any genetic engineering and chemical synthesis of substances. Emphasis on ecological balance and sustainable production techniques.
The use of sticky insect panels, insect traps, insect sexual attractants, "biological warfare" (viruses / Nucleopolyhedrovirus, bacteria / Bacillus subtilis, fungi / Beauveria bassiana, Local birds and chicken), restoration of biodiversity and artificial catching of insects are secret weapons against pests and diseases.


Uninterrupted agricultural activities records, traceable production and sales model, to provide our consumers with reliable products.




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