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moon light 1st grade

Item No.: OWY101
Ingredients: White tea

Leaf grade: One bud & one leaf

Annual output: 20 tons

Loose leaf tea: organic white tea moonlight wholesale

One dark and one white of tea leaves, which is called Moonlight. Simple processing ways: plucking, withering and drying attribute the tea the natural fresh fragrance and sweet flavor, pleasant and lively mouth entry, soft and comfortable, this tea goes easy with new tea drinkers, brings impressive and good experience.

The aroma is a hint of sweetness.

Soup Color:
This tea is so clean, sweet with refreshing smell.

It tastes like dry apricots at the beginning, with a bit of sweet potato alike finish.

Nanping Town, Simao District, Puer City, Yunnan 

This white tea is different, both black and white color on each side of the tea leaves. It is perfect. It is of what white tea should be, can steep 5 times and the flavor is always great. It could be a choice for tea lovers at any time of the year.
If you're into the health benefits of white tea, this is an excellent choice!



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