Cold brew tea

By Emma Chang | 25 July 2018 | 0 Comments

What is cold brew tea?
Cold brew tea, is brewing tea with cool/cold water for long time. The steeping time is depending on the type of tea.
There are 3 advantages of cold brewing tea: mellow taste, convenient to take with and no strict time for steeping.

Tips for brewing cold tea:
High fermented tea would taste better
1 grams tea with 100ml water is the best ratio
Steeping in the fridge for 40 minutes would taste good or can be steeped up to 8 hours  

There are 5 types of tea are good for cold brew and recommend timing:
Types of tea Best cold brewing hours
Green tea 2-3 hours
White tea 3-4 hours
Yellow tea 4-5 hours
Black tea 4-8 hours
Oolong tea 4-8 hours

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