The type of tea sets

By Emma Chang | 24 December 2018 | 0 Comments
Chinese tea has a long history and a wide variety of tea sets. The types of tea sets can be divided into ancient tea sets and modern tea sets; they can be divided into drinking utensils, cooking utensils, storage tools, crushing tools, sanitary ware and water appliances; From the performance can be divided into daily tea sets, special tea sets, craft tea sets, health tea sets, etc.; from the tea set texture, can be divided into ceramic tea sets, metal tea sets, bamboo and wood tea sets, stone tea sets, glass tea sets, plastic tea sets, paper tea set, etc.
Ceramics Tea set
Pottery tea set: Pottery is a brand new "artificial material" used by human beings. It is the product of human beings after using fire. Therefore, pottery is produced under certain social historical and technical conditions and shows the ability to transform the physical environment. Pottery is a tool that is fired in clay. Due to the different percentages of various metal oxides contained in clay, and the difference in firing environment and conditions, it may be red, brown, black, white, gray, cyan, and yellow. Pottery has been used in the Neolithic Age, but the temperature of firing is only 600 ° C - 800 ° C, and the pottery is loose. From 300 BC to the 1st century BC, the temperature of the fired pottery has reached 1000 ° C, producing a painted pottery with patterns. In the Tang Dynasty, it was advocated by Lu Yu that the tea set was gradually separated from the Chinese liquor utensils. In the Song Dynasty, Yixing used purple mud to make purple sand pottery, which made the development of pottery tea set to the peak and became one of the main varieties of Chinese tea sets.

Porcelain tea set: tea drinking utensils made from feldspar, kaolin and quartz. It is prepared by firing at a high temperature of about 1400 °C by raw material ratio, processing, and drying. Glazed or unglazed. Porcelain is a combination of hard porcelain and soft porcelain. For example, Jingdezhen white porcelain and bone china. The texture of porcelain is hard and compact, the surface is smooth, and the thinner can be translucent. The sound is crisp and loud when tapping, and the water absorption rate is low. Porcelain tea has bowls, cups, trays, pots, spoons, etc.

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