Tea drinking customs of various ethnic groups - Han people drinking tea

By Emma Chang | 05 November 2018 | 0 Comments
The tea drinking method of the Han nationality is roughly divided into tasting tea,drinking tea and eating tea. The ancients drink tea in the “tasting”; in modern times, most of the tea is “drinking”; as for “eating”, there are only a few. Generally speaking, it is important to distinguish the aroma of tea, the taste and the appreciation of tea, and the self-entertainment is called “tasting”. For the purpose of cooling and quenching thirst, this is called "drinking." If the tea is chewed and swallowed together, it is of course “eating”. The Han people drink tea, most of them admire the pure drink, think that tea can best maintain the "pure" of tea, and appreciate the "natural" of tea. The basic method is to directly brew tea with boiling water or boiling tea, without adding sugar, milk, mint or lemon to the tea soup. The main teas are green tea, flower tea, oolong tea, white tea and so on. The most representative way of drinking is to sip the oolong, taste the longjing,eat the tea with dim sum.

Oolong tea has always been known for its rich aroma, mellow and brisk. It has been especially praised for Wuyi rock tea. Now it is juxtaposed with Anxi Tieguanyin and Wuy rock tea. It is also regarded as two "Pearl"of Chinese Oolong tea.

Tasting longjing Longjing Tea is famous for its "green color, high fragrance, sweet taste and beautiful shape". It is not so much a drink, it is better to say that it is an art treasure.

Eating morning tea, eating morning tea with dim sum is more common in large and medium-sized cities in China. People like to sit in tea houses and eat tea, so there are many tea houses in Guangzhou. This style of drinking tea has not yet declined. Today, even in hotels, it is often to see. Guangdong Tea House is not the same as Jiangnan Tea House. There are famous teas and delicious meals. The breakfast, lunch and dinner, especially morning tea, are the most popular, so the name is “eating morning tea”.

Eating morning tea is another art of pure drinking in the Han nationality tea. When having morning tea, customers can taste traditional tea according to their own hobbies; at the same time, according to their own taste, order a few delicate meals. Such a cup of tea, a snack, makes tea more relish.
In short, pure drinking is the main way for Han people to drink tea. Where there are guests coming from afar, or in some major mass occasions, despite the high and low entertainment specifications, a cup of tea will never be saved. As for self-satisfaction, or before meal, after meal, or after work, Han people are accustomed to drinking a cup of tea.

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